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The wegenwiki (literally: road wiki) is a Dutch-language encyclopedia about roads and motorways in particular. Started in December 2007 by the Dutch road community affiliated with the discussion forum wegenforum, it has grown into one of the biggest road databases in the world. The wegenwiki has articles about virtually any limited-access highway in the world, of particular interest for a non-Dutch visitor may be the historic opening dates, usually sorted in table form, so they are also accessible for people who do not speak Dutch. Dates are usually presented in the day-month-year order.

An article usually includes a road description, exit list, history, opening dates, current and future projects, traffic volumes and lane configuration. There are numerous additional articles about road infrastructure, such as traffic lights, interchanges, bridges and tunnels, motorway traffic management and other topics. The wegenwiki volunteers try to keep the road databases up to date as possible, but focusses at European articles, and articles concerning the Netherlands in particular.

The wegenwiki is not affiliated with Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch government or any commercial organization whatsoever. It is run exclusively by volunteers and custom hosting is provided by tnx.nl.