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Asian Highways

Hi, Asia is called 'Azië' in Dutch, not 'Asië'. :) Chris (overleg) 31 jan 2015 21:01 (CET)

Thanks Chris! Should have fixed them all now. Si404 (overleg) 1 feb 2015 15:05 (CET)

British motorways and dual carriageways

Hi Si404, Thank you for checking the British motorways and dual carriageways as the Dutch users of Wegenwiki are less known with Britain Walfo79 (overleg) 11 feb 2015 21:49 (CET)

Less well known than Peru, Venezuela, etc? I guess that Chris Z (who did get GB A80-A99 pages done one day the other week - only about 50 2-digit A roads to go in Britain, though Northern Ireland is a barren graveyard of information here!) is like me - Britain's roads are well covered elsewhere, in a language that many Dutch people can understand fairly well, whereas the Central African Republic's aren't I imagine, so in steps Chris Z to inform people. I'm doing Asian Highways as its something that there's a lack of detailed information in an accessible form. Plus a Dutch forum could work under the assumption that somewhere so close by is going to have expats (either a Brit living in somewhere Dutch speaking, or a Dutch speaker moving to the UK) or will have people go visit (and also the assumption that said people would write stuff about the roads they travel on: see Irish articles on the SABRE wiki and how many of them are little more than stubs).
One of the hard things is adapting to the site's house style. I'm getting there, hence why I made a start on the British motorways, but writing in decent Dutch is well beyond me - I could use Google translate, but I don't want to leave a lot of mess for people to clean up. Whatever I can't copy-paste, doesn't get said. Si404 (overleg) 12 feb 2015 19:15 (CET)

Hi there, we appreciate your help with the Wegenwiki, but writing text in Dutch with Google Translate is not great idea. It is writting in poorly constructed Dutch, it basically needs to be entirely rewritten. Unlike Wikipedia, the Wegenwiki strives to have good quality articles from the beginning, and not stubs which may not be touched upon for years due to the small number of editors and shifting priorities. Basically, we prefer quality over quantity. You could however, add the infobox and historic dates in a list format, so a native speaker could write the route description. Thanks, Chris (overleg) 18 mrt 2015 15:15 (CET)

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